Court Booking Policy & Fees

Bubble Bookings Policy

There can be NO cancellation of a Bubble Booking.

If a member books a bubble and will not be using the slot (either will not turn up or prefers to use outside courts on the day), it is their responsibility to fill the slot so they do not have to pay for it, otherwise, if slot is not filled the member is liable for the FULL Charge (NO EXCEPTIONS).

If you are unwilling to follow this policy, then the alternative will be to take a chance and turn up on the day without a booking.

Guest Fees

If you have a Single or Couple Membership type and wish to use the courts to play with your son/daughter/guest. The following guest fees apply:

  • Under 7 Years: Free
  • 7-15 Years: £5.00
  • 16 Years and over: £8.00

As we now have new members joining the club, it is awkward for staff to ask your guest whether they are members or not. The new guideline is for the member to notify staff at the time of court booking.